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Remote Control Pairing Instructions for eSCORE

  1. On the rear display, there is a pinhole to the lower left of the red ‘-‘ button. Insert a paperclip (or tiny screwdriver supplied with your eSCORE) into the hole until the red light above the hole lights up.
  2. Within 20 seconds, press the Mode button on the remote control you wish to pair with the eSCORE. The remote control will now work with the eSCORE.
  3. Check your other remote controls to see if they still work with the eSCORE if not, you will need to pair those remote controls by repeating the same steps above.

Instructions for operating the eSCORE ST

Instructions for operating the eSCORE ST2/X/XL

Instructions for operating the eSCORE ST3/X3/XL3